“Georgia Small Business Lender is an Equal Opportunity Credit Provider”

About Us

In 1983, the Georgia Small Business Lender, Inc. (GSBL) received its license to operate as a Certified Development Company for the Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 loan program in seven Middle Georgia counties. Since then, the GSBL has expanded to cover the entire State of Georgia and offers numerous loan programs to suit your project financing needs.  By leveraging these programs and working in partnership with traditional lenders and local entrepreneurs, the GSBL has been a consistent facilitator of job creation throughout the state, but especially in the Middle Georgia Region.


What businesses are eligible?
The applicant must be a for-profit business whose business net worth is less than $15 million and whose after tax income is $15 million or less, on average, for the last two years.
What are the down payment requirements?
Typically, the small business contributes 10% of the project costs.  If the business is a startup (when management has less than 2 years ownership experience), the down payment increases to 15%.  If the project for a single use property being financed for a start-up business, the down payment increases to 20%.

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